Asset Market Services Assess Market Value of Long-Term Assetsprocess. • Various types of assets, including machinery, to the asset listand equipment, land lots, factories and shops, computers, office equipment,transportation means. • In many cases these assetspurchase, sale, loan pledge, or financial statementsbecomes. • Three approaches to the assessment of fixed assets,• and Azerbaijan National Assessment Standards, InternationalValue Analysis Based on Valuation Standards (IBS) and IFRSwe carry. • Our specialists have professional experience in this area.The cost of our services depends on the size of the business.- Evaluation of real estate Real Estate Assessment is primarily for real estate complexes, individualresidential buildings, commercial premises, land plots, private propertyand other types of objects. • Real EstateEach 3 methods are reviewed and selected as appropriate. •Real estate valuation fee is selected from the scope of the business and selectedapproaching the approach.- Business Evaluation Business valuation will be achieved when sold by foundersis a service for finding the temple. • This type of assessment is basically potentialsale of businesses, changes in the share of the payers, regulatory bodieson request and for other purposes. • During the evaluation of the companythe future profits and losses are forecasted. To these predictionsmainly based on annual discounted cash flows for the companyvalue is calculated. • Our specialist has extensive experience in this area.Our Business Assessment Services are based on our company volumesas it changes.