In the Labor Contracts Procedures - MODIFIED

"The rules for entering into the employment contract notice and its electronic information system via an enhanced electronic signature, a form of information sent to the employer for the registration of the employment contract notice, as well as the provision of real-time information on the registered employment agreement notice".The decision was made by Prime Minister Novruz Mammadov, reports.According to the amendment, the Ministry of Taxes will be informed with the employer on the registration of the employment contract.At the same time, for the first time, the employment contract will be registered in the electronic information system by the Ministry of Taxes, electronically, with the employees listed on the application for electronic state registration of a limited liability company with local investments.In those cases, not later than 1 working day, the electronic system will be informed about the registration of the employment contract notice included in the electronic information system through the system to the employer and the Ministry of Taxes.According to Oxu.Az, Ausov Mushfig Etibar oghlu, aged 35-40, was stabbed to death by his uncle. He later stabbed his brother-in-law, Aresova Zulfiya Etibar, born in 1991, with a knife and escaped from the scene.The wounded was immediately taken to City Clinical Hospital # 3 and was operated on.